Ronnie Henry

Meet Ronnie Henry

Meet Ronnie Henry, a jeweler from the Navajo Nation. 

Hello, my name is Ronnie Henry. I’m a Navajo silversmith from Crownpoint, NM. I’d like to show you some of my work here.

I think most of my inspiration comes from my parents. They’ve always done different types of work. It’s not always the same, it’s always changing. That’s something I really do like; I like change.

It’s funny because sometimes I would get ideas from my dreams. I do keep a sketch pad and a pen right next to my bed, so if I still remember it I’ll draw it out. The designs also; it’s pretty much an everyday thing. If I see something that looks really cool I would do that, I don’t mean like I’m copying something. I would see something like maybe scenery, or something that’s happening live. I would incorporate that into what I do.

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