Stylish Sterling Silver Navajo Pearl Bench Bead Bracelet by Vinita Joe


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This unique Navajo bracelet is made of classic sterling silver bench beads, also called Navajo Pearls. Each Pearl is hand made and set onto a string, making a beautiful bracelet that complements the classic bench bead necklaces. The bracelet is Sterling Silver and made by Native artist Vinita Joe, a member of the Navajo tribe. The wrist size is 6″, by measuring the cuff at 6″ and a 0″ gap. The piece is 1/2″ at its widest point.


Wrist Size: 6″

Artist: Vinita Joe

Tribe: Navajo

Materials: Sterling Silver, No Gemstone

Weight: 33  grams

Width: 1/2″

Cuff Size: 6″

Gap Size: 0″