Stamp Dancer: Rain Drummer




We dance to the beat of clanking hammers to silver on old cottonwood stumps. The tune of our Co-op, our family,  the same songs played by our ancestors passed down from generation to generation. The sound recorded in the patterns we wear on our wrists. Inspired by nature, and an old way of life. We are the stamp dancers.  Can you hear the music? Come dance with us and join our inner circle by wearing on for our pieces.

This Native American handcrafted cuff bracelet hand stamped and finished by one of the jewelry artists in our Co-op. Wearing this piece connects you with our culture and shows your support to the future of Native American art. Design created and donated by Devin Edison from the Navajo Nation.

  • 1″ wide
  • Original Design by Devin Edison
  • Hand Crafted in the USA by Native American Indian jewelry artist
  • Certificate of Authenticity included and guaranteed by TSKIES Native Art Co-op Gallery
  • Show your support for our culture with this authentic Native made jewelry

This piece is available in Sterling Silver and copper. WARNING copper is a cheaper option and an affordable way to get a luxury look at a low price. It is known for temporarily turning the skin green, if you are not ok with that then please purchase a precious metal option.

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