SkyWeaver Elements: Stacker Ring Set




This Native American handcrafted stacker 3 ring set was cast using .925 Sterling Silver or Ancient Bronze casting and finished with a hand polishing technique by one of the jewelry artists in our Co-op. Wearing this piece connects you with our culture and shows your support to the future of Native American art.

This SkyWeaver design is inspired by the ancient, powerful geometric patterns of abstract expressionism woven into the livelihood of the southwestern Native people. SkyWeaver is a tribute to the emergence of life, as sky and water meet, they form the ideal balance of nature as the contrast of dark and light capture the essence of time. Intriguing, yet neutral, it will fit without domineering, made for a modern woman with ancient roots.

  • 3 rings
  • SkyWeaver Original Design by Mathew James
  • Hand Crafted in the USA by Native American Indian jewelry artist
  • Navajo Rug Pattern Made from Ancient Bronze Casting
  • Certificate of Authenticity included and guaranteed by TSKIES Native Art Co-op Gallery
  • Show your support for our culture with this authentic Native made jewelry

Pieces are available in Sterling Silver and Ancient Bronze WARNING Bronze is a cheaper option and an affordable way to get a luxury look at a low price. It is known for temporarily turning the skin green, if you are not ok with that then please purchase a precious metal option.

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Ring Size

5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10