Incredible 3000ct Royston Turquoise Concho Belt


Navajo Silversmith Annie Hoskie Holding the Belt:

Annie Hoskie Black and White

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This is an incredible museum-quality Navajo Concho belt. 3,000 carats of perfectly matched Royston turquoise is centered in five sterling silver oval conchos and one rectangular belt buckle. The belt, and especially the turquoise used in its making, has an amazing story behind it!

The huge Royston turquoise slabs were mined and purchased by a discerning collector in the late 1980’s. Needless to say, turquoise of this size and quality simply isn’t found anymore! The Royston turquoise was then vaulted for almost a decade, until the collector found an artist he trusted to create this magnificent piece.


Lawrence Pajarito, who uses the hallmark “Two Dogs,” was that artist. He handcrafted the sterling silver conchos and buckle, carefully setting each turquoise slab into a perfectly made bezel. The silver conchos are strung along a wide classic Navajo leather belt. The belt is a museum-worthy collector’s piece, and looks great hanging from a wall.

The belt is shown by a renowned Navajo silversmith and jeweler, Annie Hoskie. She is about 5’2” tall, so the sheer size of the belt can really be seen.

Weight of Royston Turquoise:

3,000 carats

Weight of Sterling Silver:

1,560 grams (55 oz.)


The belt buckle is 6″ long by 7″ wide.
The turquoise slab on the belt buckle itself measures 3-1/2″ by 3″.
Each concho measures 5″ long by 6″ wide.
The leather belt is 2-1/4″ wide, and is 46″ long.

Navajo Silversmith Annie Hoskie Wearing the Belt:

Annie Wearing Incredible Concho Belt

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