T.Skies Store & Co-op

At T.Skies, we believe jewelry should be ethically-sourced and appropriately represented.  We exist to protect the interests of customers and southwestern jewelry designers from industry abuse by creating transparent buying and selling experience.

  1. Our online store proudly displays the rich culture of the American Southwest, from precious gemstone jewelry to luxury art pieces. Each piece is handcrafted by a master artisan and a portion of every sale goes to the T.Skies Co-op and Native American art.
  2. The Virtual Indian Market was created as a way to give back to the local Native American communities. The virtual market is streamed over social media where viewers can engage with artists live and purchase jewelry directly from the artisans.
  3. The Non-Profit Co-op grew out of the mission to help the local indigenous communities. Native American artists have been abused and misrepresented in the jewelry industry. The Non-Profit is a safe place for Native jewelers to directly market and sell their work. It is owned and operated by the Native American jewelers that are members of the Co-Op. All business decisions are made by the artists.