Our Mission

To preserve the future of Native American culture and quality of jewelry.


“Keep It Real”

Keep Native Art Authentic

Like everything else, Native American art has changed over time.  While working in the industry over the last decade we have witnessed change, and recently noticed a huge problem. Native American art is being outsourced to foreign countries such as China, India and the Philippines. This has gone from a problem to a serious issue that threatens to devalue Native American art and culture, as we know it.  We make an enormous effort to:

Spread Native cultural awareness to consumers

Protect Native artists from industry related abuse

Expand the Native arts and craft market

Supply the world with authentic Native art

Keep Jewelry Quality

Quality is a priority.  Precious natural gemstones have been valued by mankind throughout history. Because these stones are valuable they are subject to be imitated by lower quality or synthetic materials. We have noticed a huge increase in the misrepresentation of turquoise and other precious gemstones over the years. Unethical sellers in the industry have been selling fake and imitation stones as natural quality. We fight to:

Keep misrepresentation out of the marketplace.

Protect the value of natural materials and precious gemstones

Educate the jewelry consumer

Supply the world with high-quality art

Keep It Real

It is crucial that all item sold on this site are of the highest grade and transparent about the quality of the material used.  Any artist or dealer selling low-quality pieces are subject to removal from selling privileges on this website. Authenticity is very important and we will be only be selling art directly from authentic Native American artists and reputable Native American art dealers.  Artists and dealers can list their work on this site themselves and you will be buying art from them.  We want you to be able to put a face to the items for sale here.  Artists and dealers information will be posted with the items that are being sold.

We will be continually interviewing, filming, and documenting artists and dealers that list their work on this site.  You are invited to interact with the people in the industry. Please follow our blog, join in on the discussions on our social media platforms. This website is dedicated to becoming the best public connection to the world of Native American Art.

Help maintain the quality of jewelry and authenticity of Native American art.  We are very passionate about helping the Native American Art and craft industry but cannot do it alone. “Keep it Real!” Buy authentic Native Jewelry and Art to support the community.