Kingman Turquoise

The Kingman turquoise mine produces a relatively wide range of colors and matrix patterns. The mine’s large size allows for the different turquoise color composition. The color ranges from a dark blue with black matrix, all the way to a green with brown matrix. ­­The highest grade Kingman turquoise usually contains pyrite in the matrix, leading to a very beautiful final polished stone.

However, the dominant turquoise color associated with the Kingman mine is a deep blue speckled with black matrix. The amount and quality produced by the mine has led to this stone becoming popular with many Native silversmiths. The Kingman Blue nuggets display a uniform style that lends very well to turquoise row bracelets. Kingman Blue turquoise is often featured in squash blossom necklaces for that same reason. In many ways, Kingman Blue has become synonymous with American turquoise.

Kingman Turquoise Mine

Kingman Turquoise Mine

Kingman turquoise mine is located in northwestern Arizona near the city of Kingman.

The Kingman turquoise mine has a long and productive history. Archaeological evidence has shown that turquoise mining has been present there for over 1,400 years, dating back to the ancient Hohokam culture. In modern times the mine ownership changed hands throughout the 19th century, but it has been owned by the Colbaugh family since the early 20th century.

The Kingman turquoise mine is located in northwestern Arizona. It is named after the town of Kingman, situated 14 miles to the southeast. The closest major city is Las Vegas, Nevada. The Kingman site is next to a large copper mine, which is commonly found alongside turquoise. In fact, the presence of copper is what gives the Kingman Blue turquoise its distinctive hue. Within the umbrella of the Kingman name are actually three separate claims: Mineral Park, Ithaca Peak, and Aztec Mountain. All are known as Kingman turquoise.

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