Join Us at Duel Brewery March 31st

Art, education, wellness and technology. These are the goals of Rezilience, a collaborative movement to support indigenous art. Started in 2015 by Warren Montoya, Rezilience’s first event focused on “art in a wide variety of forms.” The event offered Native artists the opportunity to show their work. Montoya’s long-term goal was to encourage artists in their work and inform them about grant and other funding opportunities. Rezilience would also inform the public about indigenous art.

Now Montoya will offer another opportunity for artists to shine. On March 31, 2017, in collaboration with Enchanted Pop-Up, another local artist group that focuses on artists from the 505, Rezilience will have a Preview Party/Fun-Raiser to celebrate local Indigenous artists! This event will offer another opportunity for artists to shine.

The Rezilience 2017 Preview Party/Fun-Raiser is designed as a combination fundraiser and art show. Event organizer Shawna Shandiin Sunrise calls it “a preview of what Rezilience is, of what the indigenous art scene is all about.” Ms. Sunrise came on board with Rezilience in February of 2016. Warren Montoya was seeking an event planner and organizer, a role she has more than enough experience to fill. As she puts it, she “comes from a long line of organizers”. Her extended family, the Matthews family, have coordinated the Gathering of Nations for many years. As someone from the Dine` (Navajo) and Kewa (Santo Domingo Pueblo) communities, promoting Native American artists is a priority for her. This event is designed to show how vibrant today’s indigenous art scene is.

There will be poetry, music, film and live artists creating works to be auctioned off during the evening. The event will be held at Duel Brewery (606 Central Ave SW in Albuquerque). Doors open at 6pm and there is a suggested donation of $5 for admission. Programming will start at 7pm.

DJ Wae Fonkey from Jemez Pueblo will be there to kick off the evening. The band Innastate kicks off the music portion at 9pm. In between the band’s sets, there will be an auction of the paintings done during the evening. Artists from all over have also donated art for a silent auction, which will run throughout the evening. Pottery, jewelry and other pieces are included in the items being auctioned.

The evening will wrap around 10 pm and there won’t be any reason for any participant to leave without a new piece of art to add to their collection. This fundraiser offers something for everyone with the hope that everyone can offer help in making the potential of Rezilience be realized.


Rezilience 2017 Preview Party

March 31, 2017

Duel Brewery 606 Central Ave SW, Albuquerque

Doors open at 6

Admission: Suggested $5 donation