Facebook LIVE

Social media is the way we all stay connected, to our family and friends, our community and to the world. It’s also become the way many businesses stay in touch with their customers. Platforms such as Facebook allow businesses like Turquoise Skies to offer their customers special deals, show off new merchandise and keep in touch with those who have supported us. That’s why Tskies is doing Facebook Live shows every week that give a glimpse at all that’s going on with our artists. The programs are hosted by Janice Tenorio, the president of the Tskies Artist Co-Op.

Tskies Facebook Live shows offer something for everyone. On Tuesdays between 2pm and 3pm, the focus is on random flash sales of jewelry pieces. Wednesday programs offer interviews with guest artists or additional flash sales.

If you’re looking to learn about making jewelry and some information on the materials used, tune in on Thursdays. These programs begin at 1pm and present Mathew James, founder of Turquoise Skies along with artist Marion Lovato talking about different aspects of making jewelry.

If you’re a collector or interested in history, check out the program on Fridays. For those shows Janice offers a look at vintage jewelry pieces that Turquoise Skies has for sale. These are particularly interesting as the company tries to find out as much information as possible on the history of the piece and the artist who created it.

So if you’re looking to purchase some beautiful handcrafted jewelry or just want to know more about the process of jewelry making, check out the Tskies Facebook Live programs. If you’re looking to buy the piece being presented, you can leave a message in the comments or call the gallery at 505-369-1924. Items will be held for payment for forty-eight hours. All times for the programs are MST.

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