Easter Blue Turquoise

The color of Easter Blue turquoise is unique among turquoise found in the Royston Mining District. Most turquoise found in southwestern Nevada is a shade of green. Instead, Easter Blue stones are a deep shade of blue, which has been compared to a robin’s egg. The matrix ranges from dark brown to a very bright golden or even an orange shade.  This turquoise is exceedingly beautiful when set into sterling silver.

Easter Blue Turquoise Mine

The Easter Blue Turquoise Mine is located in the Royston district in south central Nevada.

Easter Blue Turquoise Mine

The Easter Blue turquoise mine is a small claim located in southwestern Nevada. The mine is found in the Royston Mining District, along with many other active turquoise producing claims. The Easter Blue mine was initially claimed in 1907. It is a small mine compared to many other claims, however the beauty and unique color of Easter Blue make it a popular stone for collectors. In the past, this mine’s turquoise has also been called Blue Mountain and Blue Gem.

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