Dry Creek (Godbur Burnham) Turquoise

The color of Dry Creek (Godbur Burnham) turquoise makes it unique among natural American stones. The turquoise is a very light blue/green, almost off-white.  The matrix ranges from dark brown to a light golden color. The unique color is due to the absence of metals in the ground where the turquoise was formed. Blue turquoise, such as Kingman and Sleeping Beauty, is commonly found near deposits of copper. Green turquoise is usually found alongside aluminum or iron. The area around Dry Creek has none of these, so the turquoise was forged as a beautiful cream color.

Dry Creek Turquoise Mine

The Dry Creek turquoise mine is located outside of Austin, Nevada. The claim area includes a number of other mines, including the Godber/Burnham mine. The area has been mining turquoise for almost 100 years, however the specific stones called Dry Creek mine has only been producing for a couple of decades.

The unique color and composition of Dry Creek turquoise has made it a very popular stone for contemporary artists and collectors.  However, the color is so light that gem experts were initially skeptical that stones coming from this mine were actually turquoise. Other white stones such as howlite, calcite, and magnesite were considered. Later chemical tests confirmed that Dry Creek is truly turquoise, and in fact a very high grade stone.

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