Cooking with Janice.

It isn’t only the joy of cooking that drives Janice Tenorio into the kitchen. The joy received by those she feeds is the true reward. She says she gets “the experience of knowing everybody’s going to eat what I made and they’re going to be happy.” That result, along with the peace, the creativity and the love she feels while she’s creating those meals is a true reflection of the long line of cooks she comes from.

Janice’s skill at using traditional cultural methods and recipes to create meals for home and feast days is on display in the Cooking with Janice videos that are a delicious part of the Turquoise Skies website. In each of these videos, Janice details a recipe for one of the many traditional dishes from her Pueblo, demonstrating on camera how to produce each item.

Beginner or more advanced, any cook can follow the clear instructions she gives. Recipes are simple and the ingredients easy to find. It’s Janice’s firm belief that “there is no wrong way to cook” so she discusses ways to make the dish suitable to any taste.

During the show, she talks about her recipes, what they mean to Native people and how she learned them. From her discussions, viewers can learn that one of the most important parts of traditional cooking is the ingredients. All ingredients, including meats, are homegrown. For her, that makes it even more special, knowing all the parts of the meal came from nature.

Janice’s next recipe is Pork Green Chile Stew. On the Turquoise Skies website, you can also find Cooking with Janice videos on making Fry Bread and Frito Pie. She is open to calls from viewers about her recipes or any other questions. Simply contact her at the Turquoise Skies gallery at 505-369-1924.

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