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Turquoise Band Ring | T.Skies Jewelry
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Pinshell Band Ring | T.Skies Jewelry
Turquoise Band Ring | T.Skies Jewelry
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Spirit: Silver Infinity Ring

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Handcrafted in New Mexico, USA

Ethically sourced & fairly priced

Empower & give back to local artisans

The uniqueness of our spirits play best in our dreams, ideas, and imagination, revealing the unique purpose of our lives — if we are brave enough to look. The Spirit Collection celebrates our individuality, inner truth, and connection to kindred spirits. Whether you’re looking for an everyday style or celebrating a milestone, the Infinity Ring adds a touch of class to the moment. Available in sacred turquoise and sleek pinshell, this sterling silver ring is handcrafted by a diverse collective of artisans under the T.Skies roof, in the heart of the Southwest.

  • Original Design by T.Skies
  • Handcrafted in New Mexico, USA

Buy with Confidence

Empowering local Artisans. We give back! A portion of every sale is donated to the T.Skies co-op where local Southwest jewelers share tools, knowledge, and a storefront to sell their art.
Ethical Craftsmanship. All of our pieces are handcrafted in-house at our headquarters in Albuquerque, NM. We infuse soul into each design, ensuring your new piece will feel as good as it looks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
Judy P.
beautiful ring

The ring is beautiful. It's my fingers that aren't. My knuckle is too big to get the ring on so I will be returning it but it is truly an exquisite combination of d=silver and turquoise .

Susan B.
Not like the picture. Not satisfied

Not satisfied

Hello Susan!

Thank you for your purchase and thank you also for the feedback.We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the product. We want our customers to enjoy and love their pieces for a long time. We would be happy to discuss your concerns. Please email us at hello@tskies.com.

Sharon S.
Happy Customer

Love the ring! Service and product is great and will definitely be buying more.

Bartlett H.
Gifts for Daughters

Both my daughters are thrilled with the design and quality. Older is most impressed as to their source.

Very disappointed

Got this ring for a Christmas present and was very excited about it. After two times of wearing it I noticed that one of the turquoise pieces had cracked
and part of it fell out. I emailed the company to see if I could possible get it replaced. We emailed back and forth for about a month and they got my hopes up making me thing that the were going to send a replacement. Instead of just asking all of the questions they need to conform the purchase and sent a replacement in one email, they sent multiple different emails one at a time and took several days in between each reply to get back to you. After over 8 emails back and forth over the spam of a month they never replied. I gave them time to reply because I know they have other customers to reply too, but it’s been almost two months since my last email to them and they have never got back to me. Overall the ring is really cute but definitely not worth the price especially when one of the pieces falls out after only two wears. They also wasted my time making me believe that they would send a replacement.