Turquoise Zia Symbol Earrings | T.Skies Jewelry
Turquoise Zia Earrings | T.Skies Jewelry
Turquoise Zia Symbol Earrings | T.Skies Jewelry
Enchantment: Turquoise Zia Earrings
Turquoise Zia Symbol Earrings | T.Skies Jewelry
Zia Symbol Earrings with Turquoise | T.Skies Jewelry

Enchantment: Turquoise Zia Earrings

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Handcrafted in New Mexico, USA

Ethically sourced & fairly priced

Empower & give back to local artisans

Enchanting all who visit, the desert vibrates with life in a sacred cycle powered by the sun. With the blessing of Zia Pueblo from which this symbol originates, we invite you into the rays of this design that represent the four seasons, directions, stages of life, and quarters of the day. Find yourself empowered as you wear these turquoise zia dangle earrings, handcrafted by a diverse collective of artisans under the T.Skies roof, in the Land of Enchantment.

  • Size: 1 1/2" long by 1" wide
  • Sterling Silver Turquoise Zia Symbol Earrings
  • Fine Cast and Hand Finished in New Mexico, USA
  • Original Design by T.Skies

Buy with Confidence

Empowering local Artisans. We give back! A portion of every sale is donated to the T.Skies co-op where local Southwest jewelers share tools, knowledge, and a storefront to sell their art.
Ethical Craftsmanship. All of our pieces are handcrafted in-house at our headquarters in Albuquerque, NM. We infuse soul into each design, ensuring your new piece will feel as good as it looks.

Customer Reviews

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Jarold W.
Beautiful, artistic earrings

Beautiful, artistic earrings with the stone at the ear attached level they hang so well and so comfortably. Can't wait until the pendant that go with the earrings are back in stock so we can order it.

Susan S.
Exquisite Earrings

I was given the matching pendant necklace for Christmas. When I saw how beautiful it was, I ordered the earrings. They are all absolutely gorgeous. Great pieces of jewelry for a reasonable price. I lived in New Mexico for five years, and the jewelry brings back memories of a very special place and time in my life.

Dawn K.

I would really like 2 gift boxes, any on stock yet?

Robert B.

As offered really nice

Debbie C.

Loved!! Perfect