Everything You Need To Know about Bracelets with Janice Tenorio of Turquoise Skies

While the videos below may describe simple tasks, Turquoise Skies wanted a resource for our customers and jewelry enthusiasts everywhere to teach or reassure them how to measure and put on a bracelet.

Video 1.

Hi my name is Janice Tenorio from Turquoise Skies and today we’ll be showing you how to measure a bracelet.

To start measuring a bracelet, you start with the inside with a measuring tape. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use a string also. Using the measuring tape, wrap the measuring tape around your wrist and this will determine the length of your wrist.

Using the string, wrap the string around your wrist and once you get the length of your wrist, measure it up against a ruler.

When measuring the bracelet, you start on the inside of the cuff, take the measuring tape on one end and go all the way around to other end of the bracelet, and that will be your cuff size. Additionally, you also need the gap size, which is the opening to the bracelet. Measure that, and then add it to your cuff size and that will determine your bracelet size.

Video 2.

While this might seem like an easy task, there is a certain way one should put on a bracelet. Watch Janice Tenorio, as she guides you through process, as well as giving great tips and advice on how to handle and wear authentic Native American crafted bracelets.
Hi my name is Janice Tanario from Turquoise Skies and today we’ll be showing you how to put on a bracelet.

Using your inner part of your wrist, you place the bracelet on your wrist and you slide it over. If it doesn’t fit, you can open the gap, slide it on, and close the gap if it needs to tightened. If you have a bracelet with inlay or multiple stones, it is NOT advised to stretch the bracelet as it might release some stones in the process.

Once you have the bracelet on, you can either wear it above or below your wrist bone, whichever is comfortable.

Additionally, in the style of wearing your bracelet, you can choose to wear one bracelet or multiple bracelets. This is called layering.