Bisbee Turquoise

Bisbee turquoise is definitely one of the more sought after and highly collectible turquoise stones available today. Bisbee turquoise was one of the first available on the American market and is now a very recognizable stone. A typical Bisbee turquoise stone is known to have a high and deep blue coloration with “chocolate brown” matrix. Sometimes the stone has a greenish tint. These stones are usually easy to identify and classify as being Bisbee.

Bisbee Turquoise Mine

The Bisbee turquoise mine, located in southeastern Arizona, was originally founded in the 1950’s by the Phelps Dodge Company. Turquoise deposits were continuously mined until the 1960’s. Unfortunately, the largest deposits of turquoise were hauled off to dumps and discarded simply because at that particular time the turquoise was unwanted. Luckily, many of the workers for the company would seize the turquoise at their own risk by picking it up themselves; sometimes even hauling the stones home in lunchboxes. This sparked the distribution of the Bisbee turquoise stone. Bisbee turquoise is no longer being mined; therefore this stone one of most valuable turquoise stones being used in the higher-end Native American jewelry today!

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