About The Turquoise Skies

Turquoise Skies is a socially responsible, culture-driven premium handmade authentic Native American art community and online market.

Art is culture.

The Problem

If the art of a people in a culture is not controlled by the people then the culture will be lost.

“If I cannot speak, then my story cannot be heard” –Sam Manygoats

The Image of Native art and culture is no longer being produced authentically. The demand for Native art has become the target of commercial gain.  A profit can be made by controlling and stereotyping the Native American image and then selling in the open market. It is cheaper to outsource the manufacturing of art to other countries such as China, Mexico, Pakistan and the Philippines.

Foreign manufacturing has increased, and along with it, the authenticity of the art has been taken away.  Misrepresented imports are sold in shops in American cities.  With Increased competition, cheaper and cheaper materials are being used to increase profit margins. Quality therefore is not as important as it once was.  Leading authentic Native artists in the in the industry still produce quality work, however they can be hard to find in the diluted commercial controlled environment.  Many artists are no longer able to continue producing art and new artists have an extremely difficult barrier to entry.

If a culture cannot produce it will vanish.


The Solution

This problem can be solved.  True artists want to make quality products and no one wants to buy cheaply made misrepresented work. Turquoise Skies mission is to help maintain the quality and authenticity of Native American art.  This website hopes to accomplish that by making the industry as transparent as possible.  Artists need help marketing their work, and voices.

We want you to see the face of the artist.  We will be going into the homes and workshops of the artists and allow them to share their stories and culture.  Videos, articles and photography will be shared right here on the site for you to see, listen and become immersed in this beautiful community.  We will find only authentic handmade Native American art of the highest quality. Every piece will be documented and identified with the artist that made it.

Keep it real! Please help by spreading the word, reading the blog, liking us on Facebook and interacting with this site.

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