Art is culture. Jewelry is our art.

“If I cannot speak, then my story cannot be heard” – Sam Manygoats

The Problem

“Made in China, Mexico, Pakistan or the Philippines.”

Native American artists have suffered at the hand of foreign manufacturing. The devaluation of their art form has put the authenticity of their work at risk. If a culture cannot produce their art, it will vanish. The high demand for Native jewelry has made it a big target for unethical commercial gain.
It’s easy to be tricked into buying low-quality, cheaply made, inauthentic jewelry. But, of course, no one wants to buy misrepresented work. You can find Native-style jewelry in national chains and online retailers. But, by and large, they are not produced by the culture where the designs originated from. Many companies are choosing to outsource their manufacturing to other countries. Cheaper materials are being used to increase profit margins, too. Other businesses make a profit by stereotyping Native culture and selling misrepresented imports.
Talented Native artists can be hard to find online because of all the clutter. Many artists are no longer able to produce art because of these tough market conditions. All new artists experience difficult barriers to entry and struggle to make a profit.

The Solution

Work hard and do the right thing.

Despite its complexity, we have committed to solving this problem. Turquoise Skies’ mission is to maintain the quality and authenticity of Native American jewelry.  Our website strives to make the jewelry-buying process as transparent as possible. We want you to see the artists behind your jewelry. We interview artists in their homes and workshops to share their stories and culture.  We produce videos, articles, and photography to immerse you in this beautiful community. Our collection features only authentic, handmade Native American jewelry of the highest quality.

We also help artists market their work, and voices effectively. Our signature lines blend modern techniques with traditional designs. The profit we make allows our artists to create high-end, one-of-a-kind pieces of art in a safe, collaborative and well-equipped environment.

You can help us by purchasing jewelry from legitimate sources, spreading the word, following us on social media and interacting with our community.