Everyday southwestern jewelry that is appropriately represented and reasonably priced.

Fine Jewelry Touched by the Southwest.

Handcrafted modern jewelry infused with rich cultural roots. T. Skies is a socially responsible jewelry store with a drive to maintain ethical values, transparency and honesty above all else.  Designing jewelry with an innovative approach by blending the latest modern fashion trends with an inspirational touch of American southwest. Jewelry that not only looks good, but also gives back to the community.  All jewelry is made by local artisans in the southwest United States using the highest quality materials found in nature.

We believe in the value of culture, integrity, and self-expression through art. Western-style jewelry should properly represent the people and the cultures who developed the designs. Sales support a non-profit Native American artist co-op.

Respecting Our Indigenous Roots

It is our responsibility to honor the legacy of the rich cultures that influence our contemporary designs. Many of our designs are inspired by our local indigenous communities and these tribal affiliations deserve recognition.  T.Skies jeweler’s co-op is a separate entity from the Jewelry store established to protect and preserve. It is a non profit corporation operated by Native American artisans that help design and manufacture jewelry in our shop. T. Skies Jewelry shares our sales floor and workshop with our artisans so they make their own jewelry and sale directly to the public. Five percent of the profit from jewelry sales is donated to this non-profit to supply artists with workspace, tools and services to help protect and promote this amazing art and culture.

To find out more about the non profit please visit the Co-Op website at TskiesCoOp.com

Made by hand, infused with spirit.

The extensive collection of jewelry found at Turquoise Skies is ethically sourced and appropriately represented. We only use the highest quality materials and natural stones.

Turquoise Skies customers are proud to wear jewelry with a deeper meaning. Our jewelry is created by hand and each piece is infused with a bit of the artist’s spirit. When you buy something handmade, you are supporting a true artist. You connect with their story through their artwork.

You are invited! Please come visit our gallery in Albuquerque, New Mexico  or check out our live shows on social media.

If you are a local jewelry artist and would like to sell your jewelry, please contact us. We support jewelry artists in the New Mexico area. Also if you are have a Native American tribal affiliation, Our Non-profit branch offers many free and affordable services for to help you with your business.