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Turquoise Skies, About Us

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Turquoise Skies is a socially responsible, culture driven premium handmade authentic Native American Jewelry and art community. The primary initiative of this site is to create transparency in the Native American Art industry. We would like to provide clear information about everything related to Native American culture and create an easy way to connect with artists. We are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and all the art on this website is made by local Native American artists in the New Mexico area. If you are an artist and would like to sell your art or jewelry on our website please contact us through the contact form on this site.

We would like to acknowledge the true authors of the Turquoise Skies. Without the hard work from the passionate Native American artists who have contributed their skill and time, this website would not be possible.  We simply pass along what we can.  To all the artists, thank you for sharing your sacred knowledge, art, and culture with all of us.

Turquoise Skies Mission

Our Mission is to preserve the quality of turquoise and authenticity of Native American art and culture. When shopping on tskies.com you know you are buying quality authentic jewelry and art and also supporting the future of Native American art and culture. This website is a community with information about everything going on in the industry.

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Fighting for a Cause

We believe in the value of culture. We also believe that change and modernism is natural.  With that being said, increased commercialism and mainstream business practices, some of the core standards that make us unique have become diluted. We believe that there is a correlation between art and culture. Art is a product that directly reflects the qualities of a culture.  When art is quality, authentic, and made from the heart then culture is enriched.  When art is mass produced for the purposes of making profit, then it loses its soul, and culture is devalued.

Please read this problem statement for more. 

Buying Authentic Native Art

If you’re going to spend money on a piece of Native jewelry, you are going to want to know that it is authentic! We want to empower you with knowledge so that you feel safe shopping whether it be online with us or in your local brick and mortar store. This website is filled with helpful guides to help you understand what to look for out there.

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Safe, Secure Shopping !

We take security very seriously. We pay extra to have the most secure services possible, to make shopping online safe for our customers. The entire site is ran through SSL security. The green lock and https as our web address ensures a secure connection to our servers. Please be careful when shopping on sites that are not secure. We do all transactions through either an authorize.net credit card payment gateway in partnership with Wells Fargo or through Paypal. We can accept money orders but please contact us if you would like to do so. Here is our Seal from Authorize.net:  Electronic Commerce