A bit of Valentine’s trivia.

There’s often some interesting trivia behind holidays. Valentine’s Day is no exception. The day’s history of celebrating romantic love has an unusual connection most of us would never imagine. That connection shows those who set the date were thinking of birds rather than humans.

That’s right. The date for Valentine’s Day is believed to have been set on February 14th because the middle of February is the beginning of bird mating season. Romance, right? But this bit of trivia is only one of the fun things about this day where we celebrate love in all its glory.

The beginnings of this celebration are believed to be connected to the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia. Lupercalia celebrated fertility and, in a somewhat less than a romantic gesture, held a lottery that paired off women and men who happened to be at the festival. 

Gelasius I, Pope during the end of the fifth century, decided Lupercalia had to go but the celebration could remain. The day was renamed Valentine’s Day. Though it continued to be a day to celebrate romantic love, the possibilities of who exactly was the Valentine the day was named for were a bit less lighthearted. There are several Christian martyrs who are believed to be the possible sources of the name. One of these potential Valentines signed a letter to a woman who’d befriended him with “from your Valentine”, right before he was led off to die.

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